Project description

The Intermountain West Energy Sustainability and Transitions (I-WEST) is a collaborative initiative led by Los Alamos National Laboratory and funded by the Department of Energy.

The initiative is developing a technology roadmap to transition the I-WEST region (AZ, NM, UT, CO, WY, MT and Tribal Nations) to an economically sustainable, carbon-neutral energy system. The roadmap will outline ways to meet challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and build an equitable energy transition strategy by taking a place-based approach.

The roadmap considers electrification via renewable energies, carbon capture and storage, biomass utilization, hydrogen, and Direct Air Capture. It considers place-based stakeholder concerns and the energy-water nexus.

I contributed by organizing a stakeholder engagement workshop for Arizona in September 2021 and a technical workshop on Direct Air Capture in January 2022. I led the writing for a stakeholder workshop report and an analysis on the certification of decarbonization technologies. I co-wrote a chapter on the deployment of Direct Air Capture for the I-WEST region.