Carbon management


Climate change will be tackled through carbon management. Carbon will not disappear, but its source will change. A circular carbon economy can be made possible through certificates of carbon sequestration. Measuring and tracking are the foundations of progress. Meeting climate action goals requires measurements of GHG emissions and tracking through time.

I have been involved in a number of carbon management projects, not only developing my skills and knowledge of carbon management but also advancing the field itself through my work.

#1 Community GHG inventory, City of Flagstaff

  • I prepared the community GHG inventory for the City of Flagstaff following the GHG Protocol using the Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) ClearPath platform.

  • I prepared reports and social media posts.

#2 Climate action metric for Arizona universities

  • I led the development of a metric of climate action that could be used by Arizona universities to meet their climate neutrality goals.

  • The development of the metric required identifying key indicators, engaging the Arizona Board of Regents and university presidents, and gaining support from the student community.

#3 Circular carbon economy

  • More to come!